Saturday, August 24, 2013

Revenge Fish

The last time I fished with my friend Peter on the Lake Fork, I broke off a huge fish because I forgot to retie my flies after a fish tangled me in some rocks.  The fish that got away haunted my dreams, but today was a chance for revenge.  Peter, Mitchell, Kyle, and I were fishing the stretch where I broke off the monster the time before, and I stopped fishing about 30 minutes early just to double and triple check my flies and line and think through how I would cast to and play the monster this time.  I wasn't going to miss another chance to catch this fish.

When we got to the spot, sure enough there was a monster rainbow hanging out in the eddy along the cliff, just like the time before.  After some discussion about the best approach to cast to this monster without spooking him, I put a cast along the cliff wall and watched my flies swirl into the eddy.  "Set!" Peter yelled.  The monster rainbow had taken my nymph and the fight was on.  A few minutes later, Mitchell scooped up the bow in his net before he could take off on another powerful run. I was shaking from excitement.  There would be no more nightmares about this fish--I had exacted my revenge!

Revenge Fish

We landed some more good fish over the course of the day, and at one point Kyle, Peter, Mitchell, and I all had a fish on at the same time--talk about a productive day!

Kyle and Peter work a riffle stretch

Mitchell and Kyle work a nice run

Kyle fishes a deep channel off of some rocks

Mitchell dons his sharpest sun hat

Kyle targets some rising 'bows

Quadruple!  Yes, four fishermen, four fish.

Peter wrote an article on Fly Dreamers about my revenge fish: Revenge Fish Article.  Check it out.

Sunset on a great day of fishing

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