Wednesday, August 28, 2013

San Luis Peak

One of my goals for the summer is to hike a bunch of 14,000-foot mountains ("fourteeners").  I hiked Handies Peak with Kyle and Allison, but that's a mountain I had already hiked countless times before.  Today I ventured out to bag a new peak--San Luis Peak.

Sunrise over Cebolla Creek on my way to San Luis Peak

I startled a moose on top of Los Pinos Pass; she ran in front of my car for at least one hundred yards before she broke for the woods.

Check out her high-speed tracks

A ptarmigan or grouse strutting across the road

Can you find the grouse/ptarmigan in this picture?

View from the trailhead

Snowshoe hare

Snowshoe hare with a long piece of grass hanging out of his mouth


The peak is now in view (it is barely showing above the ridge)

Looking back down the valley (and Stewart Creek) toward the trailhead

View from the peak

Trail cutting across a scree field

The aptly named "Big Meadow"

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