Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arches National Park

A few days after getting back to Lake City from Breckenridge, I loaded up for another road trip--this time to Provo, Utah for the Texas-BYU game.  While the game was a disaster, I was able to stop at Arches National Park for a September sunset and Canyonlands National Park for a sunrise.  Both parks were breathtaking.  After the game I checked out Park City, Utah and, of course, did a good amount of fishing.

Eastern Utah, just off I-70

Looking down at the Arches National Park Visitor's Center and the highway down to Moab

The red rock formations took on deep, rich colors in the evening sun

Petrified sand dunes in the foreground, mesas in the middle, and mountains in the background

Slot canyon filled with sand