Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brighton and Solitude

A number of instructors at Deer Valley made it over to Big Cottonwood Canyon in the spring for some powder days.  We hit both resorts: Brighton and Solitude.

Looking over at Brighton from Solitude on a powder day

Powder day at Solitude

Powder day at Solitude

Trey skiing through the trees at Solitude looking for some more powder stashes

Powder day at Solitude

Powder day at Solitude

Powder day at Solitude: Honeycomb Canyon opened for us in the afternoon

This cliff under Millie Lift at Brighton is MUCH bigger than it looks.  Buddy dropped off it and got a nice concussion for his troubles.

Brighton powder day

Exploring gone wrong: Buddy climbing back up to the lift

Afternoon at Brighton after surviving some ill-advised runs through Hidden Canyon--the powder was awesome though

Sunday, June 22, 2014


By the spring, a few rounds of friends made it up to Park City.  We had a great time in Park City exploring the town and the different resorts that are within 10 minutes of my apartment.  It also helped that we had fresh powder every time anyone visited!

Cappuccinos during lunch on the mountain?

Get excited, it's a powder day!

Down, but not out

Après ski: the reason most people ski

CMart shredding some fresh powder

HP reunion at Canyons

Kyle and Allison made it out, too!

Older brother Rule #1: Establish (and maintain) dominance.   Check.

Kyle perplexed by a foamy beer

Kyle and I caught some of the dual moguls competition at Deer Valley

If you ever go to Deer Valley, do yourself a favor and go to the seafood buffet.  It's not cheap, but it is awesome!

Dessert at the Seafood Buffet: I felt like three desserts for myself was the perfect compliment to a perfect dinner

Kyle about to get after some fresh powder at Deer Valley

After a day of storm skiing, Kyle, Allison, and I enjoyed an incredible bluebird powder day

The sky really was that blue--just incredible!

Getting ready to get after it in Empire Canyon

The crew at the top of Empire

The Daly Chutes

Empire Bowl

Cautious Kyle venturing out

Chute 10

Kyle with Jordanelle Reservoir in the background

Back to Chute 10


High West Distillery--definitely one of my favorite places in Park City

Everyone who visited agreed: Park City is a fun town with lots of great skiing; the fact that you can get from the slopes to the airport in less than 40 minutes is simply icing on the cake.  Who is visiting next year?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jackson Hole

Toward the end of January, a few friends and I had multiple days off in a row, so we headed north to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There wasn't any fresh snow, but the terrain was rugged and awesome.

View from inside the gondola

Top of the gondola looking up at the top of the tram on the summit of the far mountain

The Jackson Hole crew at the top of the tram

The Grand Teton (center) barely crests above the ridge across from the tram

Corbet's Couloir

Contemplating dropping into Corbet's Couloir

We decided to live to ski another day--too icy today

The tram from Corbet's Couloir

Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons as seen from Grand Teton National Park

We decided to hike to access some new terrain.  Have you seen that scene from Aspen Extreme where the guy skis down a frozen waterfall?  It felt kind of like that.

Town Square