Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jackson Hole

Toward the end of January, a few friends and I had multiple days off in a row, so we headed north to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There wasn't any fresh snow, but the terrain was rugged and awesome.

View from inside the gondola

Top of the gondola looking up at the top of the tram on the summit of the far mountain

The Jackson Hole crew at the top of the tram

The Grand Teton (center) barely crests above the ridge across from the tram

Corbet's Couloir

Contemplating dropping into Corbet's Couloir

We decided to live to ski another day--too icy today

The tram from Corbet's Couloir

Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons as seen from Grand Teton National Park

We decided to hike to access some new terrain.  Have you seen that scene from Aspen Extreme where the guy skis down a frozen waterfall?  It felt kind of like that.

Town Square

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