Monday, August 17, 2015

Lake City Evenings

I spend most of my evenings in Lake City on the river chasing big fish, but if I'm not on the river, I try to get out as the sun sets over the mountains.

Getting back home from the "office"

Sunset bike ride around Lake San Cristobal

Sunset on the river with Revenge Run Fly Fishing

Moon rising over the canyon

Sunset on the river

Fall evening along the Lake Fork

Evening on the Lake Fork

Daylight fading over Lake San Cristobal

View over the river on an evening bike ride

Incredible sunset over Lake San Cristobal

Sun setting behind Uncompahgre

Sunset over the Pinnacles above Lake San Cristobal

Another sunset over the Pinnacles

Lake City night sky

Lake City night sky
Stunning sunset over the Pinnacles
Evening ride around Lake San Cristobal

Lake City high country at sunset

Taking in a Lake City sunset on the way back from the river

Evening snack on the river: wild raspberries

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time on the Water

When I'm not on the water guiding, I'm probably on the water with the Revenge Run crew or, if our days off haven't lined up, out on the water on a solo mission.  Most days I am fishing until it gets dark sometime around or after 9 pm.  That means I'm home most days close to 10 pm for a late dinner and a quick shower before heading straight to bed.

Sun setting on a great day fishing Cebolla Creek with Revenge Run

Sun setting over Cebolla Creek

Colored-up Cebolla rainbow

Afternoon off along the Lake Fork

Beautiful brown

Day off on the Lake Fork

Lake Fork of the Gunnison River

Nice brown on a solo mission on the Lake Fork

Lake Fork Brown Trout

Sunset over the Lake Fork

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Guiding High-Country Creeks Around Lake City

The high-country creeks around Lake City are great places to take beginner fly fishermen and experts who feel like catching a bunch of smaller fish.  The views up here are hard to beat.

Rainbow trout at Big Blue Creek

The fish in the high country aren't always the biggest, but watching them crush dry flies never gets old.

Big Blue Creek

Beautiful rainbow trout

Nice brown in the high country

Beautiful day at Big Blue

Afternoon storm rolling in at Big Blue

Cebolla Creek

Big Blue

A young fly fisherman with one of his first fish on a fly rod--hopefully that excitement never fades for him

Nice brook trout at Big Blue

Big Blue

Big Blue

Holding the bigger fish is tough!

Celebrating another small-stream rainbow


Brook trout at Big Blue

Brook Trout

Big Blue Rainbow

A big crew ready to get on the water at Big Blue

First-day success

Big Blue

Sky Ranch at Ute Trail below Big Blue

High-Country Brookie

The drive to Big Blue

Hiking into a remote stream

The views never get old