Monday, August 18, 2014

Fishing the Green River

I hit the Green River back in September when I visited Park City, and the fishing was great--lots of of fish taking huge dry flies, scuds, and streamers.  I went back in the spring for two days on the water.  This time the fish were keyed in on BWOs that were hatching.  I had fun fooling nice fish on dries before I switched to a nymph rig to get some bigger fish.  I didn't land any monsters, but I had a great time on the water.

Sunrise over Echo Reservoir on my way to the Green River from Park City
Driving to the Green River
Driving to the Green River

Flaming Gorge Reservoir in the distance

First fish: a nice, healthy brown.  Pretty average out here

Another nice brown with some big teeth

Sunset over the Green River

Nice, heavy, pregnant rainbow.  I couldn't grab her by the belly--too full of eggs!

View along the Green River

Green River

Another nice rainbow

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

River X

After some more skiing at Snowbird, a buddy and I headed out from Park City for a secret river rumored to have nothing but giant brown trout.  We found the river, but the flows were low and the fish were very, very spooky.  We managed to get a few to the net--all really nice browns.  Though the fishing was tough, I vowed to come back a bit later in the spring.

River X

Slow, gin clear water on River X

The sky and golden grasses around the river were beautiful

A nice brown

Another nice brown

Sunset on our drive back into town

Another week or so later I made it back to River X.  Fishing was still tough, but I managed to get some more nice fish to the net.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fishing the Lower Provo

After exploring the Middle Provo for an afternoon, I ventured down to the end of the Heber Valley into Provo Canyon to fish the Lower Provo River.  The river was fairly crowded, but I landed a bunch of nice fish.  And the views from the river were stunning!

Mount Timpanogos from Heber Valley

Mount Timpanogos from Deer Creek Reservoir

Time to get after it

The view from one of the parking lots along the Lower Provo

Looking downstream from the parking lot

My first fish on the Lower Provo: a really nice rainbow!

Another nice bow

A nice brown backlit by the late afternoon sun with Mount Timpanogos in the background 

Evening on the river: I was the last man standing

Timpanogos rising above Provo Canyon