Monday, April 14, 2014

Fishing the San Juan in the Fall

After helping close up the cabin for the winter and getting some time on the water, I went to the river that got me hooked on catching big fish: the San Juan River in New Mexico--just south of Durango.  The weather varied from cold and dreary with light rain to cool and sunny, but the weather was good to great each day.  I fished five days and landed at least one fish 20 inches or bigger every day except the last one.  That last day I hooked a fish so big I was convinced I was hung before he took off on a run and straightened my hook.  Maybe I'll get him next time.

Still some beautiful fall colors in Durango at the end of October
Pretty rainbow on a pretty day on the San Juan

20-inch 'bow...

...he was chubby
Fall colors on an overcast day on the San Juan

Smiling rainbow and me

21-incher, if not bigger

Sunset on the last day of my long summer of fly fishing

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