Sunday, July 20, 2014

Late Spring at Snowbird

When Deer Valley closed, I had skied 126 days out of the 128 the resort was open (I had to sit out two days because of an injury).  Most people had already written off skiing for the year, saying they were "over it."  I was not.   In fact, I got a spring pass at Snowbird and kept after it.

Looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon toward the southern end of the Salt Lake City metro area on my first day at Snowbird--a powder day!

Mount Superior

Looking over Mineral Basin

Mineral Basin

Mineral Basin

Mineral Basin

Bookends Traverse

Bookends Traverse

Mineral Basin

Snow blowing off the ridge above Mineral Basin

Hilary Step

Mount Timpanogos from Mineral Basin

After enjoying a little powder in Mineral Basin, I got lucky and followed ski patrol through a gate right after they opened up this area.  Those are my tracks still by themselves  on the far right. 

Mount Superior

Cirque Traverse

Moon rising into the bluebird sky

Scouting Mount Superior from Snowbird

Not a bad backdrop for enjoying some beverages

Waiting for the crew to get to the top: Superior reflecting in the goggles

Goggle reflection capturing somebody falling after getting off the lift.  Good times.

Not really visible here, but ski patrol was blasting on top of that mountain

Trey enjoying a light powder day under the bluest skies I've ever seen

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