Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kayaking the Animas River

After a few days of serious fishing, I took a break by doing some more fishing--this time on the Animas with my uncle in his kayak.  After an hour or so on the water, I made it to Gardenswartz Sporting Goods to get resupplied, and then I took my old inflatable two-man kayak to the Animas whitewater park on the edge of town.  The fishing was fun even though we only caught one fish; I was clearly in over my head with the rafting.

GoPro picture pulled from my rafting video.  Yes, those are Tevas. 

The kayaking video is posted below.  In my defense, I held onto my GoPro camera, my paddle, and the raft.  If you have suggestions for how to keep the original video resolution when posting it to YouTube, let me know.

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