Sunday, July 7, 2013

San Juan River / Navajo Lake

I got back to Lake City from Gunnison Gorge around 2 a.m. and spent the next day around the cabin recovering and gearing up for another trip--this time to the Durango area to fish the San Juan River and Navajo Lake (both in northern New Mexico).  I spent an afternoon and two more (almost full) days on the San Juan and landed 47 rainbows, including a handful of 19-inchers, a 20-incher, and a 21-incher.  After hiking down into, through, and up out of the Gunnison Gorge multiple times, I was thankful for to have just a 10 minute walk from my car to the bank of the San Juan.

Uncompahgre and Co. from Windy Point Overlook on my way to Durango

San Juan River
San Juan River at dusk on my way back to Lake City

As a change of pace, I also went fishing for smallmouth bass on Navajo Lake with my uncle.  We landed more than 30 fish despite windy conditions.

Navajo Lake

Dear Triton Boats, please send me a boat of my own

I didn't get any good fish pictures, but I have a few short clips from my GoPro that show the river, the lake, and some fish being released.  The next video will be my attempt at rafting--that is one you will want to check out.

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