Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beaten by Big Fish on the Lake Fork

I did some fishing with my friend Peter, who has started Devils Creek Outfitters, and we got into some big fish.  Unfortunately, all my big fish got away.  We were fishing a stretch of the Lake Fork that has great deep holes cut into the cliffs along the river, and at one of these holes we spotted a huge rainbow, and I immediately cast to him.  Well, the monster rainbow turned for my fly, ate it, and I set the hook. Snap!  The line broke immediately.  I was devastated and confused as I could only watch the fish try to shake my fly free.

In the excitement of seeing the monster rainbow, I had completely forgotten that I had just extracted my fly from some rocks after a fish had managed to get me hung up.  Not only had I been hung on the rocks, but the fish was still on the line, diligently sawing through my leader until he eventually came off.  I couldn't believe that I had been so careless and had missed a great chance at a huge fish.

I had several other big fish (over 20 inches) later that afternoon, but I couldn't get them to the net either. Overall, it was an exciting day even if it was marred by "the one that got away" several times over.

Pretty rainbow on the Lake Fork.  He would have been a nice snack for the monster.

A nice, dark rainbow on the Lake Fork

Lake Fork of the Gunnison

Peter fishing a run along the cliff face

Sunset on the river

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