Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cebolla Creek

I joined Peter for a day on Cebolla Creek, which is a small stream that drains Slumgullion Pass.  It generally has a lot of brush and trees along the banks, so you have to work in tight quarters to get a fly to the fish.  Although most of the fish are small (maybe 8 inches or so), there are some big fish in there too.  I was fortunate and landed a nice 20-inch rainbow and a beautiful 16-inch cutthroat that Peter and I cast to for about an hour before he finally took one of my flies.

Peter getting after some fish on the Cebolla

20-inch bow in about a foot of water

The beautiful cutthroat we spent a good chunk of the afternoon targeting
In this picture you can really see the "cuts" that give the cutthroat its name

A rare stretch of open water on Cebolla Creek

When we got back to town, we decided we needed to do some more fishing, so we went out to a pond and caught some nice brook trout, like this one

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